Let me help you to remember.

Remember who you are. Remember about love, oneness and the fact that you are Creator and created. It is all within. My passion in life is to awaken your inner teacher. So you can help yourself by embracing more of your true power. In this passion, I team up with my guide and friend Lamané.


It is so much fun to channel Lamané. And there is the other big thing I like to inspire people in, joy and playfulness. Because life can be great. It can be awesome.



You might have to dive into darkness to know about the light once in a while, but we all have the ability to do this with a smile on our face. We just have to remember.

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Online Enlightenment Course

Included in the course:

  • 4 training videos
  • 3 channeled meditations
  • online support


Join us and create transformation and growth in:


  • the balance of masculine and feminine energies
  • living a life full of playfulness and joy
  • achieving healthy acceptance AND desire


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