What if truth is the biggest illusion of All?

Safety is a big thing for us.

To be more specific, we want to feel safe. Because of this desire to feel safe, we are doing different things to gain control over our life. One of the things we do is search for truth. Which makes sense because if you can distinguish truth and illusion, you know what to focus on and what to let go of. That is how a lot of people see it.


The problem is that because we search for truth from a place of feeling unsafe, there's resistance to whatever or whoever challenges our truth, our safety. Truth must always be true, there's no room for other perspectives.


This wouldn't be a problem if life wouldn't be what it is; a perspective game. Through different perspectives we give different information to higher level consciousness. Exactly that is a huge desire from Source, to experience the same situation from different perspectives.


A lof of people know this image.

The meaning is very clear, and to me, super important. You can clearly see why a lot of arguments might be unnecesarry. From different perspectives we see the same object (which can be a situation /problem as well). But we experience it in a different way.


To me, there is an even more important lesson in this image. Because in the image, there's a distinction between ‘true’ and ‘truth’. But what we may want to start realizing, is that what is stated as ‘truth’ here in this image, is still ‘true’ from the perspective of the observer of the image!


That means that there might be (and probably are) perspectives in our universe that see more of the image than we do. So what we see as ‘truth’ in this image, could be stated as ‘true’ from a (more evolved) perspective.


So what does this mean?

Well to me it means that I have embraced one of my desires even more. It is a desire to have no attachment to anything outside of me to feel safe. Because if truth can be fluent like water, peace will come. I truly believe that.


"If truth can be fluent like water, peace will come."


Try and see life for what it is, a perspective game. Open up for truth as a fluent concept. Work with inner safety. Try and see that things that don't resonate with you, still might be true from a different perspective.


Let's co-create a world where we respect the collective desire to gain experience through different perspectives. We can do this! It's already here. We just have to remember.


Love & Light, Pim


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