Why you are perfect.

'Practice makes perfect'

But what is perfect or perfection really? Is there a destination that can really be seen as the end? Would that be perfection? The end of practice?

I don't think so. I do think that we could benefit from working with our definition of perfect. What we see as imperfections or flaws, might just be the essence of life.

Why, you ask? Well, life is an experience that is based on the awareness of self through the other. We are aware of (our)self by what we see in the other. Without the other, we would not even be aware of our existence. That what we see in the other is exactly that what helps us with growth and expansion of awareness. And growth and expansion of awareness is a result of... Practice! This means that if perfection would mean the and of practice, it might just mean the end of life. As we would not be aware of our selves, as there is nothing the other can mirror at us. I know... This is a bit technical. But if you can wrap your head around this, it's kind of cool I think!


Imperfections are...?

It might be a good idea to start honoring that what we see as imperfections. Be thankful for life, and the opportunity to grow. Maybe we could even start to see, that our imperfections are exactly that what makes life so perfect. In other words:


Your imperfections are the definition of perfect.

Lighten it up.

If you have a tendency to be very harsh on yourself, try to lighten it up a bit. Laugh about how we create definitions of things like 'perfection' and then struggle to change them. Isn't it kind of funny how we say 'practice makes perfect' and so many want 'the perfect' but reject 'the practice'?


Love yourself!

You are perfection, just the way you are. Every single thing about you is a result of the manifestation of a desire. A desire that comes from love. Even your shadow aspects are a manifestation of desire, from love.

So love You. The whole you. The perfect you. The practicing you. The struggling you. The loving you. The laughing you and the crying you.

Do just that, and the world will change. Because you CAN change the world.


Love & light, Pim

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