Channeling: Darkness as your pal

Here's a beautiful channeling that came through me from Lamané. It is about darkness. Enjoy!


“I wish to speak about darkness and the seemingly absence of light. What is darkness from a higher perspective? What is light? Light is the infinite. It is the awareness of boundary free existence. It is seeing the All, God, Source.

Can you come with me to that place within self, where light can be felt? Can you dive into the abyss? Can you feel your tendency to hold on to anything that might define you?

Now you have found the way to absolute freedom. But the way to this point is the way chosen from Source. It is not the way that leads to a destination that can be defined as the end of something. Allow yourself to be the way, and see that life is just a tool to walk on this way to freedom.

On this way there is remembrance of the light. The seeing of All. And All can only be seen through darkness. If all was light, light could not be defined.

Let darkness be your friend. Let darkness be the captain of a lost ship that is looking for a lighthouse. Is it fun to be that captain? No, probably not. But can you feel that the fears of this captain are very understandable? He has a crew on his ship, and feels responsible for this crew. The members of this crew might be Stubbornness, Judgment and Hate. But they are his crew. So captain Darkness wants to bring them home. He wants to lead them to the light.

Can you assist this lost ship? Can you help darkness to see the light? And thereby help the light to learn about the infinite?

Darkness can become your pall. Your buddy. Your ally that helps you to grow into Your natural state of joy.

Be the ship sometimes. Be the lost one. But do this without losing the belief of the invisible lighthouse. As the lighthouse will be there, as soon as you believe that it is You.

Thank you,


Let it open your heart to darkness in this world and in yourself. Thank your for reading and hope to see you soon!



Love & Light, Pim

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