The bliss of not knowing

Challenges. They are here to help us. Let us grow into seeing love in All that is there, more and more. But they can be hard to wrap your head around. Well, to me they can. And exactly for that reason, I attract situations of 'not knowing' in my life.


'You do not need to know'

I felt so much these past couple of weeks. Intense emotions. Fear based stuff. And I could not feel the root of these emotions. Not at all. I drew cards in an effort to try and understand. But the cards told me the same thing every time. 'You do not need to know'. In all aspects of my life this theme was there. For instance in the guidance I've received this week (which was a lot!). The whisper in my ear almost seemed like a yelling sometimes. Which was super cool, but I always like to know who I'm talking to. Who is there on the other side of the line? No answer. Or the same answer as the cards told me: you do not need to know.


The next level

Slowly I started to accept the situation. I knew that it could help me a lot if I got through this. But that was the only knowing I had. Which turned out to be confronting for me. Apparently I am used to knowing more, and apparently I have problems with accepting knowing this little. But now I've reached a stage where I can start to feel how incredible beneficial this is, the not knowing. I've talked about this to clients many times, and I went through the 'not knowing experience' many times before. But there is always the next level. This was it. It was never this intense, it was never such a long period of time and it was never in so many different aspects of my life.


I don't know but I do

Although I feel that there is so much left to learn in this, I start to loose the tendency to find out what it is about. It's just there. This is great, because it brings more inner peace which is always very helpful. And this peace awakens my ability to cope with the unknown. Just be, feel and go. Let more of your heart, guide more of your whole self. It is a faith thing. Do you have faith in the layers of You that go beyond the human mind? Even while writing this blog I feel the challenge. Usually I feel pretty accurate what readers might get out of it. Or where I'm going with something. But this time, I have no clue. I hope you like reading about my challenges. That's all, and that's probably enough for now. It is great though, that I can accept this now. What a relief. What a bliss. It feels like the bliss of not knowing.


Love & Light, Pim

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