Changing the world

What an intense couple of weeks for me. Man alive! I don't even know what to write about, because there is almost too much to write about. Resistance comes up as a theme for this blog. I felt this as a theme personally, but I also could feel the same for others. Some spiritual teachers that I follow shared some resistance based stuff as well. Wetter it was 'You don't heal from trauma', or 'crush the ego'. It didn't resonate with me.


How this was helpful.

It was very helpful for me though. As it helped me to remember on focusing what I want to create. It feels more heart centered as well to me, to allow other people's opinions or feelings to be true. That goes for everybody, including me of course :) So if you feel that you don't heal from trauma or you want to crush the ego, I can see that there's truth in there from some perspectives.


What is my resistance?

My personal resistance came (and comes) from allowing myself to feel what I have to offer. It started with an amazing night with my girl. We talked about intense and deep stuff. The meaning of life, the value of the paradox, the role of duality, truth and perspectives where discussed. I got some really cool insights that were new to me and those insights might be of service to other people as well. But who the hell am I to even think this? See, there's my resistance ;)


What your body tells you when you're ill.

The resistance got so strong that my body had to respond. My intestines were (and are) killing me not so softly. My body mirrors my behavior. So often, illness is resistance to resistance. It is your body that is not allowing you not to feel or flow. It is your body that resists your resistance to a feeling or emotion. Annoying or helpful, depending on your perspective. Or both, for the advanced practitioner of the perspective game. (more on the perspective game in this video )


The power of the now and desire.

It's up to me now to allow myself to feel what I feel. To share what I want to share. To be honest with myself, and have the guts to say that I want to change the world. Yes, I do. I really want to change the world. Not because it is not perfect as it is. I want this because it is aligned with my true Self, and it makes me feel great just to allow this desire to exist. I'm not attached to any outcome with this. That's not the point. The power of the now meets the power of desire in the center of heart. Where you can feel a desire in the now, just for the single and super important reason that it brings you joy in the now. Isn't that wonderful?


Love & Light, Pim