Peace in seeing History differently

History is seen as something that just 'is'. We talk about historical facts, proven stories that created the reality we now live in. What if it is the other way around? What if we create history from the now? Lamané shared the following information with me about history.


I wish to speak about the concept of history.

My purpose is to bring more peace to your version of planet Earth by helping you to remember about truth. It is, from my perspective, interesting to see how some of you can see linear time as an illusion, and debate about historical facts at the same time.


Let me ask you this, can you see that history is a collection of projections from the Now, that match the desires that exist in the now?

If so, then you might be ready to see that what history is, depends on the desires of the one who is looking at history. You create history from the now, and so does your neighbor, uncle, kid, best friend and any other being that you are aware of. As desires might be different between two beings, two observers of consciousness, history might be different as well.

Freedom and the experiencing of freedom are most important on the road to peace. If you allow the other to have a history that might be different from yours, the other will reflect that back at you. This does not mean the other behaves in the exact way as you do. It means that you won't be affected by the other judging your version of history. The power of the mirror effect lies within, remember.

Thank you for opening up to me. We share the same source, we are the same love. All we are is all we can be. Love will bring you joy if joy is what you choose.


Your ever playful friend,


So, what timeline are you on then?

Maybe it's time for us to understand more about that strange concept; time! Maybe we can open up for the fact that the interpretation of time comes from different perspectives. As we are opening up for deeper perspectives (perspectives that we call higher self and Source for instance), we open up doors to new ways of creating.

Historical facts are true because we have the desire to let those facts be the foundation of that what we experience as the now. That doesn't mean we can change all of our history, or we shouldn't respect our pasts.

It means that we start a new phase in life. A phase where we know that we choose a timeline, including our past, from the now.


How does this help us?

Well, it helps us with remembering our role as Creators of our own reality. And that helps to transform all kinds of victimhood behavior. I don't see victimhood behavior as a bad thing by the way. It's just the opposite of being all of the Creator that you are. Which we always are, we just do not always feel or behave like it.


Can you remember? Can you remember that your creative powers are unlimited? That you create all of your life? All of it, your past, your future and your experience of the Now?


I feel that you can. And you will. For the simple reason that you have a desire to do so. That is why you are reading this blog. Cool huh? ;-)


Love & Light,