Who is Lamané?

Well, she is an inhabitant of our planet Earth. But it is a version of Earth that exists (from our linear time perspective) in 700 years from now. I mentioned before that the beginning of contact between Lamané and me was on a conscious level in 2015. But on other levels we've met many times before. I don't have much recollection of this, but I did a lot of astral travelling with her (and to her world) during my sleep. This is why information that she shares with me or through me can come super fast sometimes. A lot of it is not new to me, I've seen it or heard it or felt it in other dimensions.


Lamané's job

Lamané is is what we would call a leader. But that is completely different from the leaders of our time. Lamané explores different time lines of future possibilities for her world and takes back the frequencies of that possibility. This way other beings in her world can download these frequencies through Lamané, and with that information decide in the now on stuff that has to do with the future situation that Lamané has explored.


More information about Lamané's version of Earth and her insights on a lot of interesting stuff is coming. That way, we can see what resonates with us and come to decisions or get inspiration that affects our life in a loving way. I will share this information on Facebook and via my YouTube channel.


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