Some wonderful words from clients

"During the group session with Lamane I felt embraced by a healing bubble of unconditional love. Together you and Lamane created a nurturing space where everyone seemed to feel safe to explore very personal questions. I enjoyed Lamane’s clear and direct approach. She has a special way of supporting us in expanding our connections to hidden aspects of ourselves and our relationships.


My personal session lives in me as a memorable first “playdate” with my hybrid daughter, Simda. In fact, my own inner child came out to play! And, she continues to express herself with bubbles and laughter, color and dance. These events have given new meaning to my work as a parent coach. I believe that as we create space for the unique expression of our own inner child we raise the vibration of our earth families and invite contact with our galactic families anchoring heaven on earth.


Mahalo nui loa for this heart opening experience. Wishing you bountiful blessings of Aloha."


- Nandi -

"I think it is amazing that a young man like Pim is able to guide people so easy through multi dimensions. I find it both important as well as joyfull that he is able to accept all that is coming to him and 'translate' that. Without prejudice. I feel welcome and accepted, made at ease. Pim likes to jump in and have a great experience. Also with Lamané. Young wise and bold. Good for a regular visit since he will keep growing!"


- Louis -

"I am so happy that I got the chance to attend a channeling recently with someone who works with a hybrid child from the future. What a unique experience! I myself feel very connected to Star Beings but this whole hybrid children thing was totally new to me & I had no knowledge what so ever on this. It was at a very dear friend of mines place & this is how I learned of it. As soon as I saw the event page I just knew I had to be there. I've only attended one other channeling & it was quite a while back. This was totally unique. The evening was so beautiful & the energy there felt amazing. Everyone got to ask questions on a wide range of things. Lamane was playful & thoughtful & very insightful. I feel everyone was acknowledged got exactly what they needed.


I myself was curious about a Star race connection I felt, Andromedan, in particular & I was informed that I have a guide that is from Andromeda that is with me. Has been for a very long time. I was even given a name for him, this being. And I have no doubt it's accurate. Ever since this discovery if I even just say that name in my head I immediately get a yes? I know this is true & he is here & with me & very eager to be of assistance. This is indeed a very exciting revelation to me. I feel I even made a connection to him one night & had a brief conversation with my Andromedan Star guide. I look forward to connecting more & working with him.


I'm so thankful to have been given an opportunity to attend. Thank you Pim & also for your extra time & attention & clarity you had given to me when we met up one on one. I'm ever so grateful."


- Stacy -

"Just tell me what to do and I will do it, 5 steps, 10..? Give it to me on a piece of paper. Pim smiles at my earthly experience. He salutes my programmed brain. No judgment, it’s just there. If I only got 1 karma-point for every time I got told to practice, not achieve. To honor the process, not the purpose. The road, not the destination.. And not only by Pim, which makes the circle even more round!


Instead he will listen carefully, sometimes have a little discussion with himself or the universe, and then give you the most unsatisfactory answer ever. Sometimes with just one word or no words at all, or his own earthly experiences or maybe just start a whole new topic altogether. I say this in a joking way of course, because the answer will always resonate with you in such a way that you will still be able to grasp what you need in that moment. He will only touch on the subjects you are ready to handle in your process. Pim has an extraordinary way of connecting heaven and earth, divine and human, with humor, respect and so much heart. It truly feels like a collaboration. Because although I cannot do it (yet) without his guidance, I also did all the hard work by myself in a way at the same time. And now I can actually feel proud of that!


Channeling with Lamané scared me to bits at first, it still does just a little, but it’s so beautiful to see the collaboration and feel the connection. I’m getting used to her now, she’s just there being her cheeky little self, for anyone who needs her help. Even if you are like me, finding it very hard to ask for help anyway, let alone to someone or something you can only feel in your heart. And even if you have no idea what the ... Pim is doing... ;-)


I’ve experienced that if you are open to receive, things will work for you on a subconscious level, which is so awesome!"


- Surjati -

"The effect of my conservation with Lamané can be summed up in three words:"BACK ON TRACK".
Lamané looks and talks to the whole of what I Am, further than my earthly consciousness and human body. It is important to her to let me/us know that in the essence we are all the same. To her there is no big or smaller. She is aware of my true self, my cosmic source. By reflecting this back to me I can connect myself imminently with my source consciousness and the joy, the motivation and intentions with which I came into this human incarnation. I remember my true worth and the power which lays in my soul, ready for me to own it. I feel the playfulness and eases that make this human experience FUN again and this is so lovely.

Thank you Lamané and Pim!!!"


- Kinga -

"It was great to meet Lamané on the amazing island of Hawaii, what a lovely spirit. Channeled by the male presence of Pim, her female energy was beautifully held. Her guidance is alive, to the point and playful, embedded in love and care. I loved that her answers got me to explore, find the deeper layers of my question and find the way to the answer(s) myself. They were already there, ready to be seen. In the group field, her playful wisdom was tangible and connected all of us. Thank you both, Pim and Lamané, for this powerful collaboration!"


- Karin -

"I had a session with Pim on Skype. Pim is very open and direct and works with a lot of integrity. He has a very clear sense and is also very grounded.


During the session the energie of Lamané ( Pim's Guide) came in. Pim and Lamané work closely together and Pim can switch easily between his higher mind and the energy of Lamané. And sometimes they became one.



During the skype session he send Lamané to give me some energie. I directly felt her energie through my spine and Pim saw her standing next to me. Pim and Lamané gave me a lot of insight and new information to work with.


Thank you very much."


- Karen -

"With great pleasure I participate in the group healings! It was nice to be together with like-minded people and let emerge what announced itself in the here and now. Lamané has a very loving and wonderful energy... Playful, sincere and warm ❤


Everything was allowed in loving embrace of myself.


Pim and Lamané are a wonderful team!"


- Marlies -

"I had a great afternoon with Pim and the other workshoppers. Pim and Lamane created a very open, positive atmosphere, and we did the rest. I’m not always at ease in a group. But the group energy I experienced this afternoon was pretty awesome. I believe I didn’t have ‘access’ to all the info Pim was giving. But this was totally ok. I don’t have tons of experience in tuning in with other dimensions/energies. I’m just curious at this point. The working part of the afternoon for me was in experiencing what I was experiencing (got it?). What I‘ve learned? That I really can connect with people who, in general, were pretty much strangers to me, and still can stay in touch with myself. A bit of magic. Kind of entering a new dimension to me :).

Pim rules!"


- Jan -

Help me remember. Those three little words that contain such big meaning. 'It is time to remember all that I am'. And there I was, sitting in a comfortable chair, in the cozy room where the workshop multidimensionality was about to start. For the first time I would see Pim channeling Lamané, and I must say that I was a bit nerves about it. Okay, more than a bit 😃 because I’ve never been to a channeling before or a spiritual workshop. But when Pim started to talk, all my nerves were gone because he has such an amazing talent to let people feel comfortable and safe. He turned the room into a loving, safe, grounded and inspiring environment, where I could be myself and feel accepted for who I am. And above all that, Pim gave the workshop a fun and playful twist with his great sense of humor.


Even though it was my first time to see Pim channeling, it felt so familiar. The channeling was amazing. It was a beautiful experience and an honor to hear Lamané speak. She is honest in such a loving and playful way. The inspiring words from Lamané and the help that I've received from her and her helpers gave me goosebumps from head to toe. Although I did not had a question to ask, I felt that the experience itself was enough to heal on a subconscious level. I did not need to understand with my mind, I just had to surrender to the experience and be open to receive.

Thank you so much Pim and Lamané, for this beautiful and unforgettable experience. You are a strong and loving team together, growing every day. I’m looking forward to see, feel and hear more! “


- Samira -

"I still felt a little awkward toward 'channeling' and stuff as I entered this workshop, but Pim and Lamané succeeded in removing my doubts very quickly. There was no trace of hocus-pocus or free-floating-around-mysticism in the way Pim guided us through the subject, and Lamané answered my questions. Very earthly, in-the-face and to-the-point, her answers were not what I expected, but in a clear and simple way confronted me with a responsibility I had been avoiding. Her loving, humorous and gentle touch helped me a lot taking the message in. It brought me a lot... This couple is both powerful and empowering, and as vital, robust and grounded as you can handle. Thank you so much Pim and Lamané, I'm looking forward to meeting you again!"


- Mark -

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